Change the Widget (my simple idea to jumpstart our economy)

boltChange the widget.

Let Detroit be bought by Japan (or Germany).  It may seem un-American to say that, but the Japanese are ahead of us in developing the technology that is outfitting hybrid and electric cars.  Throw them some money (we are bailing out quite a few institutions these days) and give them the incentive to hire people to solve the immediate crisis of finding and developing “the bridge” to independent energy.

Take our fellow Americans in Detroit and those who are unemployed through this great land and change the widget.  Instead of cars with their engines and car frames and bolts, change it to a windmill.  We have windfarms to build and people who are ready to build them.  The bolt suppliers and the aluminum frame suppliers will change their specs and re-adjust to the new needs.  We have cable to lay in the ground, we have engineering specs to draw up, we have systems to build.  There are things that need to be done, and we have the people ready to do it.

I read an article recently about how this country is lacking in laborers.  I don’t believe that is true, but even if it is there are still white-collar jobs needed.  We need strong leaders at the top of any organization, we need managers and analysts to build a system of energy for this country to last the next 100 years.  There is work to be done.

Changing the widget will keep this country working for at least the next decade or longer.  This idea should be a far reaching energy strategy, from the ground up (and from coast to coast).   The engineers can begin, the idea people can start brainstorming.  Washington can start to fund projects.  People can begin to be hired.  I do believe that the next two years will be tough, while we are creating the framework and ‘specs”, but once the blueprints are ready and tested, this country will re-build.


One thought on “Change the Widget (my simple idea to jumpstart our economy)

  1. You have the right idea, but putting it in motion is a whole other thing!
    Foreign car companies are building cars right here on our soil and are profitable.
    American car companies are building cars in other countries and are going bust!
    We live in a country where everyone has their hand out and nobody is working!
    The big shots are making millions while the little guy willing and able to work cannot find a job.

    Where is the logic??????

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