Political Perspectives – Cheney


I am surprised at the change of heart surrounding Dick Cheney.  He is such a great character, the mean ultra-conservative bad guy who snickered and plotted to break laws (not to mention Constitutional Rights) all in the name of “protecting our great land, America.”

Since Obama has been elected I have seen some television programs and read articles (see this on in the LATimes: http://tinyurl.com/88c5no ) that seem to put him in the light as “just a guy who thought he was doing the right things for the country.”  Not a mastermind of evil, not a destroyer of rights, not the guy who controlled the Presidents hand.  Hmm….

Way back in the days of Bush’s first term, there were the four “villians”.  Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and Bush. Rumsfeld is now being cast as a Washington Insider that really didn’t have any idea what was happening out in the fields of Iraq (remember Abu Ghraib?).  Poor Ashcroft (I can not even believe I said “poor” Ashcroft…pfft!) was thrown under the bus by the other three, and now Cheney is excited to see change in America.  Funny isn’t it?  The change we’re all talking about is change from the Bush/Cheney rule of law.  And our Veep is excited for it.  Bizarro.

The thing is, these men truly believed they were doing the right thing, the best thing for the country.  And with that belief, can we cast them as villains?  It may be a wrong belief, but I believe they did irreparable damage to our country and our constitution.  However, who is to say who is right, or wrong, and how history will cast them?

And now President-Elect Obama comes forth, galloping on his white horse to save the day.  Well, we shall see how that goes….as I am beginning to smell a lot of  “the old, same Washington Politics” being played already.  I will be hopeful, for the promised change, and  I’ll keep my political apathy at bay….. For now anyways.

Ed. note: For my latest apathetic moment: AP: Obama picks lobbyist as Pentagon No. 2 http://tinyurl.com/8tj6rn


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