Socialism and History

downloadBack during the elections, Obama was being drawn by Palin as a socialist.  I had written a lengthy response to that and put it up on Facebook.  (perhaps that was my first stab at blogging?)  At the end of my diatribe, I summed it up in one paragraph:

The banks in America are nationalized now. We no longer have investment banks in this country. Financially we are socialistically accountable. Why not take the plunge and be “socialistic” in our views on improving our country’s most important infrastructure-ourselves [the American people, our workforce]?

That’s what I thought up until today.  I clicked through Newsweek’s wonderful picture story of the world’s history of financial crises.

It makes me think that once again, we have not learned anything and human nature will inevitably make us repeat the same mistakes over and over.  Case in point:  Middle East, Genocide in Darfur, Ponzi schemes, Rich vs. Poor, Power struggles, War, etc.  I’d love to know what you think.


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