A Potential Definition of the Word: Change

Aude Guerrucci-Pool / Getty Images

Aude Guerrucci-Pool / Getty Images

I am just quietly noting that my expectations of change in Washington may be naive.  The change in Americans may be  a louder call.  Americans may actually be changing their expectations of Washington.  Sacrifice and duty for all – every American (even our powerful politicians).   The call for change starting with Washington to the American people to become prepared to change your lifestyle and demand community activism may actually come full circle back to the American people demanding accountability from Washington. Perhaps this could be the definition of change that Obama has been talking about – or perhaps an offshoot of his original request.

Raaaahm.  When he was appointed, people cheered and I was quiet in my assessment.  I questioned the fact that Emanuel was a Clintonian advisor…. so much for “change” I thought.  But I stuffed those fears away because I figured a) Obama and Emanuel go way back from Chicago and b) Obama needed perhaps someone who was in DC before, knows the Washington games and players.  So, I let it go.

Emanuel was on Meet the Press this morning and he answered Gregory’s questions very skillfully, very politically. He avoided and spun his answers very deftly, skillfully, and would not get into any personal assessments.  Emanuel kept drumming the same beat, the same language we have heard coming out of the Obama team.  So, I guess we are not changing our politics, or the way people play politics in Washington.

You can read the transcript of the Meet the Press interview here:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28719411

I hope I am wrong, or maybe I am right and it won’t be such a bad thing, but I am beginning to sense that the change in Washington to come won’t be any kumbayah moment, but will be more of a call of change to the American People in our living standards and community responsibilities.

I am not saying that the two changes are bad – as I do believe this country has not been called to action in decades and now is the time (it IS our defining moment) to stand up, and fight for our economy, or infrastructure and our communities.

Update:  Hopefully with all this empowerment as a nation, as communities and as individuals, we will also stand up to keeping Washington accountable, by demanding transparency and oversights.  I’m sorry, but wouldn’t it be nice to see if the gazillions of money being thrown to our financial conglomerates and our auto industry are working, and by placing metrics and milestones to account for the progress?

It will certainly be interesting to see.  And I am glad to be around to observe it.

Would love to know your thoughts of what this new buzzword “Change” means to you, and what you think it means to the country.  Leave a comment!


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