17 days, no cigarettes

my first cigarette flavor

My First, Favorite Kind

17 days.  OK.  Now, I have done this before.  This is my up-teenth time quitting.  I read somewhere (Oh yeah, the NY Times:  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/29/us/29smoke.html) that it takes the average smoker at least 10 times to quit.  In some way that makes me feel better.  The last time I “quit” I stayed cigarette free for 8 months.

Then I got cocky.  And I started again.  And that was after going cold-turkey where I had a meltdown with a very unfortunate tow truck driver, who had to drive me home from the train station.  Poor guy – his dispatcher called me an hour later to see if I was ok.  I think I told the tow truck driver I had quit only 3 days before, cold turkey, and they took pity on me.  You would think that would’ve jolted me never to repeat such an experience, but… well… I got cocky.

This time, hopefully my last time, I will wear the patch for as long as I need it.  They say its 8 weeks – 4 weeks on step 1, 2 weeks on step 2 and 2 weeks on step 3, then you’re all done!  I’m a bit apprehensive.  I may stay on step 2 for a bit longer and maybe a 3 weeks on step 3.  I don’t think that 2 weeks more than average on the patch will make that much of a difference.  If anyone knows, let me know.  But, right now I figure I’ll be on the patch 8-10 weeks.

This time I will have to really limit my alcohol intake for a while.  But, last time I did that, and 8 months later I had a nice buzz and…well…there was this really pretty smelling clove cigarette.  And that was that.

I need to be humble.

I need to be kind to myself.

I need to believe that I can never EVER smoke a cigarette.  Ever.  For ever, ever.

I guess I need to hate them…and, unfortunately, I liked to smoke.  I need to be disgusted by them.

But for right now, I will be happy and celebrate my 17th day (again) no smoking.

Every week I now get myself a manicure, its nice, makes my fingers pretty and I enjoy that treat.  I am saving $65 a week.  I am also using these savings for 8 days in Florida.

Happy days….


2 thoughts on “17 days, no cigarettes

  1. Great post. Thank you. I really identify with the melt-down factor. I’m 30 days off cigarettes myself and am using lozenges, but every time I step down a lozenge I have a little mini-melt-down. I toy with the idea of just stopping those and getting the discomfort over with, but I haven’t been that brave yet and I haven’t had a window of 3 or 4 days when I could avoid seeing people entirely.

    Hope you’re still doing OK.

  2. cold turkey is the way to go,3 days and its out of your system.Therefore no mini meltdowns to people who have to stepdown a stage in their patches or lozenges.I went cold turkey 17 days now feel good most of the time i treid all sorts of patches gum inhalers cold turkey like ripping a bandaid off quick is the best way to go.

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