Obama in the house… Game Over.

Dennis Brack/Getty Images

Photograph: Dennis Brack/Getty Images

The Wall Street Journal, January 20, 2009

…”Little official business is expected Tuesday in Washington. The real work of the new president will begin Wednesday, Mr. Obama’s first full day in office. Aides said one of the new president’s first actions will be summoning his national security team to begin preparing for a 16-month withdrawal of combat forces from Iraq, one of the main promises of his two-year-long campaign for the presidency.

That’s just one of the new policies symbolizing the change to come as Washington shifts from eight years of Republican rule under George W. Bush. Within days, Mr. Obama also is expected to issue executive orders to begin closing the prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, one of the most controversial symbols of the Bush administration’s war on terror; reversing Mr. Bush’s restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, and restoring funding for family-planning programs overseas.

On the economic front, Mr. Obama’s administration is likely to soon issue new regulations forcing recipients of Wall Street bailout funds to be more transparent with the money, an aide said. The most-ailing financial institutions won’t be forced to lend immediately, but healthier banks will be under pressure to move money from their vaults into the economy. “Transparency is going to make a big difference,” the aide said. ”

BAM!  1….2….3….4….5!

Read the whole article here:



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