Wow. Awe. Humbled.

Doug Mills/The New York Times

Doug Mills/The New York Times

Tomorrow I will seek out the most important information.  But for tonight, I will bask in the glow that perhaps, just perhaps, we can undo the wrongs of the past 8 years, regain some footing to reclaim our Constitution back from the hands of the Bush Administration, and be on the right side of the law instead of bending the rules of the world to fit our own goals.  Perhaps we have begun that healing in the world, – I mean, I have to say, November 1, 2008 America is hated by the world.  November 2, 2008, we are beloved again.  Wow.

So President and First Lady Obama, kick your shoes off tonight (oh, that’s right, you’re still partying at one of the many inaugural balls tonight, yet I do suspect Michelle’s feet hurt and they are both a bit tired from smiling and waving).  They are probably flying high tonight, as I suspect we all are.  And this is good.  This is all good.

Tomorrow I will go back to my old apathetic ways, seeking issues to discuss in the political and economic sector, but for tonight, for today I am proud to be an American, proud to be a country that so seamlessly can have a transition like this, that picked the right man, regardless of color, and blessed that I have been lucky enough to be alive during this most historic time in the world.

Hail to the chief.  I do support my President, and I do have faith again in my country.


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