Random thoughts

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

1.  Geithner hearings go off without a hitch.  Our new IRS man forgot to pay his taxes. “A careless mistake”, he says.  Um, ok?   However, there is something not right about a transparent administration vetting and now the Senate approving someone who “forgot” to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, and still gets to be the face of change, and jumpstarting our economy. A very bad taste has been left in my mouth about this whole thing. Click Here for the news story

Photo from CNN

2.  Robert Gibbs’ first press conference today.  Some people thought it went pretty bad.  I was watching it on a closed captioned tv, reading the dialogue from a diner in midtown.  I thought it went okay.  However, the most exciting news is the revelation that Obama will keep his Blackberry.  Way to keep plugged in, Prez! Hopefully you can keep the hackers away!  Godspeed.

Click here for the news story


3.  Dick Parsons head of Citi.  Did Dick come from a financial background?  I’m unsure.  I know he has a great knack to keep a company together in turmoil (can we say AOL/TimeWarner debacle?)  He is a great crisis manager. Good luck Mr. Parsons.  I do admire you, and know you can party like the rest of them.

Click here for the news story


4.  Huge bonuses for Wall Street on the bailout money. Outrage.  Disgust.  Seriously guys?  Did you think you could just use taxpayers money to subsidize your bonuses and not get scorned upon?  Yeah, I’ve got lots of disgust.    Click Here for the news story


5.  Turkey sandwiches for $8 bucks?  Really?  That is without chips and a soda. Craziness! I’ll pack a lunch from home.  Thanks Recession!

Sorry – no link to any story, this is just what I learned from trying to buy a turkey sandwich today.


6.  Good news – I found a $6 manicure place around the corner from my apartment.  Thanks Recession!

Again, sorry no link – but I can tell you the address if you want.

As always would LOVE to hear your thoughts and comments!


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