Cold Days and Strange NYC Nights

winter_icicle-j1Deep freeze in the Northeast is not the word.  It is cold, we haven’t seen days above 40 degrees F in I don’t know how long.  It snows and then freezes and hasn’t melted in weeks.  Oh, wait, it did melt with the rain that turned into ice.  So…I guess I was wrong about that.

singer2Tonight’s adventure home started with me going on the 3 train as normal.  Two young teenagers came onto the train singing. I wasn’t alarmed, this is NYC after all, anything and everything happens here.  They were singing along to an mp3 player – in loud singing voices, mind you.  After my day all I wanted to read was my book in silence, like the way the subways usually are… but I was (no, the subway car was) being treated to their voices.  Beautiful voices, mind you, just loud and very high pitched.  One of the notes they hit actually burned through my ears and bounced inside my head for a bit.  The woman sitting across from me was smiling and enjoying, however the man next to her was tolerating it – I guess like I was.  He caught my eye and I think we both silently sighed to each other and gave each other a knowing smile.  So much for reading about corn in Michael Pollan’s great book The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Just then, a panhandler walked through the train selling Metrocards of all things, and mumbling something about champagne and rock shrimp.  I tell you – some nights are stranger than others….and tonight was one of them.


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