How’s that new job going for you, Mr. President?


Partisan-ship is alive and well in Washington DC.  And can anyone tell me why Rush Limbaugh is spouting his crap in the Wall Street Journal – which, I am afraid to say – our Republican House members in DC may be listening to?

Republican Boehner “…told the President not to take the unanimous Republican opposition to the bill as a reflection of his visit to House Republicans; they just oppose the bill and think it needs a lot of work, Boehner said, but the outreach was appreciated and was very constructive.”  Read the article from ABCNews here.

I say this is absolutely craziness.  I guess 8 long years of shenanigans and Congressional party divisions are old and persistent habits to break.  I mean, the Republicans, who are in the minority in both houses and are out of the BIG house (read: White House) are a little lost and need to make their stand anywhere they can.  Like children, they will not listen to reason, so they will reject anything by a Democrat.

But really?  Really?  You can’t take the olive branch handed to you from the Elected President of the United States?  He’s -ahem- coming to you for help, coming to you with ideas, actually listening to your ideas and -ahem- putting them in the bill. Yep, that’s right.  Even after the olive branch was handed out, even after some of the other sides ideas (read: Republican ideas) were added into the bill, the other side still didn’t vote for it.  What kind of crazy is this?

Oh, my dear Mr. President.  I do not envy you.  Stay strong, stay cordial, stay in the spirit of bipartisanship.  I hope if our leader is calm, cool and collected in the face of the crazies (read: Republicans) then our country will be the better for it.

money(Ed note:  So happy that we saw outrage from our President when talking about Wall Street’s crazy spending spree on taxpayer money.  We would never have seen that from Mr. Bush.  Yes, Wall Street, we mean you too when we talk about responsibility.  Forget your million dollar offices, forget your new planes, forget all your perks when you get taxpayer money.  You too should be a bit more critical of your expenses and new purchases, just like the rest of us.  Sigh.)


One thought on “How’s that new job going for you, Mr. President?

  1. Duh! What were they thinking? The entire country wants the President’s stimulus package and these republicans are pulling this partisan crap. Give me a break.

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