Moving on down… 4 weeks, no cigarettes

nicotine_patchWell, well, well.  Here we are.   Today I will be going to the second patch out of three.  I’ve been on the “Step 1” for 4 weeks, and I’m moving onto “Step 2”.  Good for me.  I have really only spazzed out a couple of times throughout the month.  Stress induced “wanting to smoke” feelings, but knowing that the smoke really wasn’t what I wanted.  I needed a stress reliever, and it passed.  The panic attacks that I have been writing about come in waves, and I have lived through them.  I’m gaining a bit of weight, but that is because I equate those panic attacks now to “maybe you’re hungry, eat food.”  When I do eat, the attacks pass.  Hopefully I won’t be 300 lbs by the end of the year since I am now substituting food for smokes; but for now -these crucial first 3 months – I will be kind to myself, and just do it.

Although this should be my last month on the patch – two weeks on Step 2 and two weeks on Step 3 – I think I will extend this by one week per Step.  I am doing well with the constant flow of nicotine in my body, and don’t really want to rock the boat.  I hope I don’t get addicted to the patch….

Thank you to everyone who has sent support and comments!  I appreciate you rooting for me.


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