Dysfunctional politics…


From The White House Blog.

President Obama speaks about bipartisan support for the stimulus package:   “You know, we’ve had a dysfunctional political system for a while now, and the fact that we have been able to move what is by all accounts a historic piece of legislation through this quickly and that the Senate is having a serious debate about it and we still expect it to be on my desk for signature before President’s Day is quite an achievement. But it’s going to take time for people to start getting used to the fact that we don’t have to score political points on every issue. Once in a while, we can take the politics out of it and just focus on getting the job done for the American people.”

Hmmm… maybe I actually hit the nail on the head when I wrote …   “I guess 8 long years of shenanigans and Congressional party divisions are old and persistent habits to break. ”  We may be living the  “learning curve” – this “new Washington” way of doing things.  Thanks Mr. Bush, for setting a precident of dysfunction, all the way at the top.   Nicely done.  Sigh.


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