Daschle’s tax evasion woes pulls on Obama’s Change


“All of my life, I have assiduously tried to pay my taxes in full and on time. My failure to recognise that the use of a car was income and not a gift from a good friend was a mistake,” Daschle said. Feb 2, 2009 Sydney Morning Herald

I did my research.  The $128,000 in taxes that he “forgot” to pay was because another company gave him use of a car and driver.  It was the company who gave him the car/driver who probably should have paid the taxes – or at the very least – told him to pay the taxes.

The company was InterMedia Advisors.  Their website says “InterMedia Partners, LP is a private equity investment fund focusing on the media industry across all platforms – television, radio, publishing, internet and marketing.”  OK.  Now we know who they are and what they do.

I was prepared to let it slide.  I had done my research, read about the types of people Daschle has been hanging out with these past 3 years since Rove & Co. kicked him out of Washington.  OK, whatever… long time ago.  Moving on. The types of people Daschle has been “palling around” with have been lobbyists for the Health Care Industry, and the Health Care Industry themselves.  Lobbyists are a bad word these days, I know.  However, if you pal up to lobbyists, you hear what is important to the industry.  You get to hear insights on what is troubling that industry.  I believed, as I still do, that Daschle, armed with that information, could have made strides at the HHS. Which is why I was willing to forgo the tax evasion (lets call a spade a spade) incident.

When I heard he stepped down, I was shocked and a bit upset by the announcement.  However, I think this whole thing smells funny, and I haven’t wanted to admit it.  From Day 1 of the transition -November 3- I was weary of Obama’s first pick – Rahm.  We love him, a great choice, bla bla – but still a Clintonian advisor from Washington

Then Geithner, and my flip flop on that decision.

Now Daschle.

Hey, it’s great that Obama is taking responsibility.  We haven’t seen/heard/thought of the possibility of that in over 8 years.  Kudos to Obama for admitting the mistake and taking responsibility.  Booo on Daschle for not dealing with the tax evasion issue when he first heard about it – back in June 2008.  (Or is it December of 2008, I have read two accounts to this.) Booo on Daschle for allowing this to go this far and not putting a stop to it earlier.

But this change doesn’t seem like any change at all, especially when the Washington folk don’t play by the rules we average folk play by.  And isn’t that one of the many reasons why and how we got to this point in the first place??

Godspeed Mr. President.


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