The President Speaks

Gary Fabiano / Sipa

Gary Fabiano / Sipa

Ed Note:  The following quotes were spoken by President Barack Obama in Elkhart, Indiana.  I did not see the press conference, I read it online here. I liked what I read.  I liked the language he used, the words he chose, and the ease of speech.  It was refreshing to hear in  plain language, the ideas behind the bills, and the options of having a discussion between the democrats and republicans, instead of all the rhetoric.  It was nice to be “talked to” like an adult, like a person that has a stake in the country and the world.

President Obama, Press Conference, February 9, 2009

I think my initial measure of success is creating or saving 4 million jobs.  (Okay – Measure of Success?  Wow.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard that statement or anything near it, from anyone in government.  Ever.  Seriously.)

“…But when they (the Republicans) start characterizing this as pork without acknowledging that there are no earmarks in this package — something, again, that was pretty rare over the last eight years — then you get a feeling that maybe we’re playing politics instead of actually trying to solve problems for the American people.”

“… And we can have a respectful debate about whether or not we should be involved in energy policymaking, but don’t suggest that somehow that’s wasteful spending. That’s exactly what this country needs.”  (Hallelulah!  The President talks about debating energy – respectful debating as a country!  Huh, what an idea!)

” So, you know, we can differ on some of the particulars, but again, the question I think that the American people are asking is, do you just want government to do nothing, or do you want it to do something? If you want it to do something, then we can have a conversation. But doing nothing — that’s not an option from my perspective.”

“What I have said is that my administration is going to operate in a way that leaves no doubt that we do not torture, that we abide by the Geneva Conventions, and that we observe our traditions of rule of law and due process as we are vigorously going after terrorists that can do us harm. ”  (abiding by the Geneva Conventions is crucial.  To be a moral member of the country and the world, we must stand by and hold true the Geneva Conventions.  The bad guys are evil.  We are the good guys, and have a moral code which extends to every human.  If you are a bad guy, you will be tried and convicted.  The good guys don’t torture people like the bad people do. )
“Look, I would love not to have to spend money right now. I’d — you know, this notion that somehow I came in here just ginned up to spend $800 billion, you know, that — that wasn’t — that wasn’t how I envisioned my presidency beginning. But we have to adapt to existing circumstances.”


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