Southern Mercury (Dallas, TX), July 23, 1896 .

Southern Mercury (Dallas, TX), July 23, 1896 .

1.  DO NOT SCREW with Mark-to-Market Accounting Rules. For more information, click here

download12.  Nationalization does not mean the end of capitalism. Traders, investors and Rich People alike – don’t worry, we’re not going to take your riches and give them to the poor just yet.  But, we do need a third party – I certainly do not trust any banker to set the value of their assets to the correct market price. So, who is that third party?  Yes – it’s Geithner and the Administration.  OK boys, it’s time to play ball – stop whining about how bad Geithner and Obama are, and stop playing party politics (hey, your guy Bushie kinda started this whole thing, remember?) Stop killing the market with your fear of nationalization.


3.  The CEO of Citibank (any bank that isn’t failing) and the stock trader who has lost money in the markets are not the same as the guy who lost his job and can’t figure out how to send his daughter to college (or are they?) – and they don’t hurt the same.  It’s time to think of this holistically, nationally and ultimately globally.  It ain’t about you, and it ain’t about me.  It’s about everyone.

4villian-main_full1.  Madoff, Stanford and the others (Thain too) must go to jail. There must be a “public hanging” of some sort – and the best way to do that is to see them punished, rightly and justly, as we move forward.  Remember, at the end of the day, it really is about action and reaction or consequence.  They bankrupted many people, and could have had a direct impact into the financial bubble of the past few years.  They should be punished.  All of ’em.  It is the way humans can cognitively see justice happen, and feel better about moving forward.  If they don’t then we go deeper into this hole, as I will feel personally shafted against, and played for a fool.  There must be consequences. If the people are paying the consequences – and we are: layoffs, loss of retirement funds, trillion dollars lost out of the economy – then these people better pay the consequences too.  And for them, it is jail.

217458758_54ea436d745. Hope. Clinton is right, we must be hopeful.  Obama needs to use his eloquence and pump up the “hope”, “change we can believe in”, “yes we can” mantras of last November.  We can fix the economy, we can tackle all these issues, but we must also deal with the psychological aspect of fear that is rampant right now.  C’mon Obama.  We elected you for a reason. Be straight with us, and lead us into the future.  The only way out of this mess is with the future, our innovations of the American people.  Point us away from the misdeeds from yesterday, and lead us towards the future.


One thought on “Roundup

  1. Everything everywhere from the beginning of time to the present day has a beginning and an ending, nothing lasts forever. Change is the only constant on our planet and in the universe. This being a proven fact of all that exists, I am persuaded to ask this question. …Why attempt to prevent necessary change from taking place? …Is it because of unscientific dogmatic bias? It is unscientific bias to hold onto that which no longer has relevance and has been rendered by the passage of time no longer useful, and consequently out of step with existing circumstances, situations and conditions. That which is no longer a positive influence inside the surroundings of our existence should be replaced by that which is a positive influence, … and it will always come to pass when the only change possible to take the place of that what exists, … is the diametric opposite of what already exists.

    The diametric opposite of an economy that is market oriented and not planned is an economy that is planned, … and designed to profit not individual capitalists of our planet, …but rather.. profit equally, all of the people of our planet, without discrimination or prejudice.

    What makes this economic change possible and necessary is the change in our means of producing goods and services. The technological revolution on our planet has made it possible to satisfy all of the needs of everyone everywhere on our planet. No one no longer needs to not have what is needed to live well and survive well because of our scientific and technological advances.

    Those that are concerned about our tanking individual unplanned capitalist economy, should give some thought to the opposite view of an economy that is social and planned so as to profit the mass of people in the world without discrimination or prejudice.

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