The Sins of the Past, and the Beauty of America

constitution_quill_penPresident Obama will be de-classifying three documents of the Bush Era’s torture program.  Which is great news, and will show and prove the destructive policies of the “trifecta” – Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.  Transparency at it’s finest.  I suspect this will spark a huge outcry and disgust in the media.  I know I was disgusted before I read the documents, before I even knew about the documents.  I wonder, will the public be distracted from today’s issues – the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Economic Conundrum, our lack of Educational needs and, lastly, our disintegrating and unsustainable Health Care industry?  Or will it spark a public debate?

I believe in the Constitution.  I believe it is a righteous, moral document that should be guarded with our lives.  It lays morality, lawfulness and rules for society in words – black and white words – for us all to interpret.  The Constitution then allows us, lawyers and society alike, to debate the issues of the day, within guidelines.  Hence my dismay at our previous President.

Debating has been sorely lacking lately in our country.  I can recall an evening in 2007, where I was highly passionate about my dislike of then President Bush, and I was talking (ok, maybe arguing) with a staunch, devout Republican.  (I was also in Florida, which explains how a NYC gal like me even got into that situation in the first place.) But what struck me as very interesting, is that after about an hour of debating – around and around in circles – he said, “that’s the thing, you shouldn’t argue with the President of the United States.  It’s not American.”  I was stunned.  Me?  Not American?  What?

After my shock and silence, I said, “But that is what America is.  It is a place where you can voice your disagreement and not be afraid of retribution.  Right?”  That statement stunned him back, and to my wonderful surprise my friends, who were Republicans themselves (and had intentionally been silent throughout our discussion) chimed in.  “Yeah!” they exclaimed, “she’s right.  This is America!  This is why we live here!  Everyone has their own opinion and has a RIGHT to discuss it!”

And that is why I am proud to be an American. …. Oh, and proud to be a part of the Obama era, too.

(Ed note: I love Rachel Maddow.  I love watching her sarcastic, sardonic, incredibly intelligent and articulate observations of the news.  Her news segments often propel me into a fact searching endeavor that usually results into a blog post.  And, yes, she has once again brought me to my blog to discuss the day’s events.)


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