Daily Reflection


Background of the “Teaparty Protests”: The Libertarians started these protests to promote their ideas of less government; less spending, more civil liberty rights, less interference. The Washington DC blog Wonkette writes: “…the people at the root – though for quite some time no longer the forefront – of the Tea Party protests have been as vocal as could be over the last 8 years’ orgy of spending…”

“Teabagging”, defined by Reference.com is…ahem, go, read…. then come back.  (Ed note:  it’s for adult eyes only.)

Umm…  I’m horrified.  The Conservative Republicans are sponsoring, actually headlining some of these parties.

The ridiculous, pathetic, totally out of reality, out of touch behavior is…..oh my gosh-I don’t have the word!  There isn’t a word for this, just adjectives: Hilarious, Ridiculous, Stupendously Stupid, Sad, Weird, Hysterical, Bizarre

As I wrote on twitter… maybe they are breaking free from their repressed, hypocritical state of being but… sadly, I think they are just so out of touch that they think this is a great rally point & good publicity speaking to their “base”.

Maybe we are witnessing Karl Rove-ism’s “play to the base” theories fall.

Ah, but ain’t it fun to watch!


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