It IS Torture

80438152“…nothing here should surprise her [Pelosi].” Boehner

“..we were not told that any of these interrogation techniques were used.” Pelosi

Click here for the full guide on all the torture memos

Torture techniques is a very interesting word to use about torturing prisoners of war.  Really, it’s a technique?  We have many techniques in torture?

I repeat the other horrified Americans cry here, The US does not torture!  We are supposedly above that type of evil – we are AMERICANS, and we believe in the moral standing of war rules and laws. I am horrified and really pissed off at George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft and John Yoo.  These people should go be tried and go to jail.  You were the leaders of the most powerful country in the world. The damage you have done is immeasurable.

I wonder, really really wonder, if President Obama released the papers to the public because he wanted public outcry to demand trials.  I hope we do have trials.  Regardless of how shell shocked, and traumatized we became as a country after 9/11, I truly believe that the country did not cry TORTURE the bastards.

My belief is yes, I was mad.  Mad, shocked, sad, numb.  I did want to get Osama bin Laden, and still do.  I wanted our brave Americans to stop the bad guys and bring them here for true trials and justice.  I had resigned myself to the fact that men and women would die.  I hated Osama, I hated that we lost all those people, I hated what happened to my city and I hated the fact that our lives had changed.  I wanted them to die – all the bad guys.

But I never thought we would ever torture them.  Not at the expense of our country’s morals.

I believe in the Geneva Conventions and Laws in my core.  I believe in laws and justice and the rules of the past, especially those that came after WWII.

Those “leaders” of the US that nodded okay for this type of prisoner abuse should go to trial and to jail.  Perhaps after they’ve been waterboarded 183 times they should get their trial.  Perhaps they should be tortured and left in jail to rot for Obama’s term.  THEN they should get their trial.

I welcome your comments.

Ed note: I was really surprised that Rice was involved.  I guess I knew she sold her soul to get the position she did, but….damn.


One thought on “It IS Torture

  1. Nice head crusher picture you have there. Is it steel or iron? As a head crusher, I usually read a bit of Proust myself but hey chacun son truc! ;)

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