Rising from the dead


I have been under a rock, out of touch and generally not blogging at all this summer.  Apologies to you.  This summer took me away from everything I love, blogging especially.  So, without further adieu, there is A LOT to discuss.

1.  Healthcare Reform –  Yes, huge blog coming – stay tuned

2.  Weather – ummm, anyone notice that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights a few weeks ago, and now NYC is sweltering in 90 degree heat.  The rain doesn’t help cool the city down either.

3.  Summer Fun – now, how DID we get to the end of summer so quickly?  As we get older, the summers fly by.  I am remiss.

Welcome back, welcome back me, welcome back readers … and get ready for a ride.  Healthcare, Obama, Democrats – yes I’m riled up and ready to discuss it with you.



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