Patrick Swayze dies of Pancreatic Cancer, age 57

Rest in Peace.

As a family member who has seen the ravages of Pancreatic Cancer, I am truly saddened to hear about Patrick Swayze’s death.  At the same time, I also rever him as a soldier in the brave fight against this specific disease.  Pancreatic cancer destroys the body with uneasy swiftness, the usual diagnosis is 6-12 months after the tumor is found.  Mr. Swayze lasted almost 2 years after diagnosis.  My mother lasted close to 4.  That is rare.

This particular beast knows no bounds, age or social class. Pancreatic cancer seems to run in families.  I know people who have lost parents, grandparents and siblings to the same disease, around the same age of death.

May the angels take him softly home.  May strength and love surround his family during this time.

For more information, check out the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network at

To read more about my pancreatic news updates, click here.


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