Manage for Success

economic-business-analysisI am constantly surprised by the management of business and projects these days.  Inefficient systems, unfocused teams and lack of clear leadership seems to be the overarching thread.

My basics for defining a project and completing it:

1.  Clear objectives.  No more than three objectives.

2.  Determination of success.  Can not be deadline oriented only.

3.  Qualifications of staff and stakeholders.

4.  Upfront communication on how to deliver and where the risks of failure may be.  Have contigency plans.

5.  Detailed processes and timelines of deliverables.

6.  Push the envelope as the budget and resources allow.

7.  Be realistic in accomplishment goals.

8.  Break large projects into smaller, digestible bites.

9.  Accountability:  not only for the producers of the work, but of the stakeholders involved.

10.  Limit the amount of chaos.

11.  Think in baby steps.

12.  Communication in digestible form:  emails only in bullets, one source of communication – one filter.

Perhaps I wanted to write this down for myself to remember.  Hopefully it will remind you of how to tackle your own projects as well.

Your comments are of course, always welcome.


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