in search of great music

Derek Trucks Band, Aug 2009

I have seen 20 live music shows this year alone, with 4 more rounding out the years end.  It has been a good music year, this 2009.

This time of year I assess where I was last year at this time, what I was doing, what I am doing, where I’ve come, and how I can make the next year better.  This is my music assessment of 2009.

My humbled gratitude goes to Mr. Warren Haynes, (Allman Bros. Band, Gov’t Mule, The Dead) as it was his music I heard in April that blasted me off into a search for great guitarists, heavy beats, dancing hard and having a smile on my face.  Thank you Warren, for being the hardest workin’ man in the business, and for the great music you produce.

The Dead, Apr 2009

I have to give major props to for putting Jerry back in my life, and the songs to fill the air.  I had not listened to any Grateful Dead since Jerry died (finding other incredible music in the meantime– Thievery Corp, George Clinton, Wilco, Pat Metheny) and this streaming video channel led me to, again, seek out music.

I go alone to these shows most of the time, but have met a bunch of people who seem to miraculously show up at the same places I am; hippies and bikers alike who love the long jam and their guitars loud and fast.  I have met most of them through the internet and thanks to twitter and facebook for making it so easy to find cool people to share our collective love of music.

Thievery Corp., Oct 2009

Having the ease by staying home in NYC allows me to see all sorts of live music, any time I want.  This being one of the reasons I love NYC.  All music comes through NYC, all kinds of music comes through NYC.  Big shows, little shows, great bands in all types of venues – huge like MSG, and tiny and intimate like Sullivan Hall.  I know how lucky I am.

However, there is nothing like spending the weekend in the woods, listening to great music with best friends, making coffee in the morning on the Coleman stove and drinking it while listening to morning music.  Although, I have to admit, a 3 day festival is getting harder to do, I am not 19 anymore.  But….. I continue to search and seek and smile until my face hurts for the next great show.

….if you have any extra tickets, give me a shout!

Newport Jazz Fest, July 2009


One thought on “in search of great music

  1. Girl, I am so happy I was a part of your journey back at MSG…glad I finally was able to read some of your blogs. I love you…
    Musically yours,

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