moe. at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC 1.22.10 (oops, 1.23.10)

I have to admit, I’m not a huge moe. fan.  But, I know the music well enough and know the vibe of the tribe well enough to know I’d have fun.  And fun, yes, was had.

I walked in to the Roseland knowing I had missed the first couple of songs already.  I was watching the set list being tweeted to me by friends inside, and I looked up at the stage to see the boys all dressed up in suits and ties.  I found out later this could have been for their 20th year playing in NYC.

I handed my ticket to the lady to scan and I noted the posting above her that said, “No Smoking Allowed.”  I said, “hmm, no smoking, eh? Smells like funky smoke in here.”  She laughed and scanned me in.  Ah hah, nice Roseland.

Went to get a drink and find a place to call “home”.  I noticed the tapers and smiled – ah, something about seeing microphones at a show makes me happy. 

My shoes were sticking to the floor, and it instantly reminded me of those disgusting sticky floors at the Hammerstein for the Furthur shows back in December.  The only difference at Roseland is these are not disgusting sticky floors, this was disgusting sticky carpet.  Bleech.

moe.  Wow.  Blown away.  Roseland was packed.   I got all the way up to the front, to the left of the stage and had a pocket of space, great views of moe. and a bar around the corner.  Killer score!  I settled in, and started to dance.  David ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski was on stage rockin it out with the boys in their so proper business suits and I started to close my eyes, put my hair in my face and listen to the tunes rockin out.  I believe this was during “Big World”.

Set 1
1. Plane Crash
2. Threw It All Away
3. YOY >
4. Down Boy
5. Deep This Time
6. Big World
7. Meat

At set break, I found a place to sit down on the bench – and it wasn’t wet with spilled drinks.  I must’ve had the karma of the gods with me last night.  I talked with a bunch of people, one guy was expounding on how the Friday night show rocked, with Butch Trucks and the guy from Marco Benevento.  We joked about the ages of the kids and people around us– one kid didn’t look old enough to be shaving yet.  Ah, well… We’re not old if we keep jamming out to shows, we decided – and if we kept enough painkillers around for the aching hips, elbows, and neck aches that eventually come with jamming out.  All good by me, I said.

I wandered outside for a break and watched the NYC security guards completely trip out on the young girls in their hippie halter shirts and long patchwork skirts.  These guys were trying to pick up the chicks, the chicks were O U T of their MIND on G-d knows what and they giggled and skipped back into the club, as the security guards couldn’t stop staring as they left.  Silly fun.  Love shows for stuff just like that.

Met more guys who talked about the Gov’t Mule New Years Eve run, and how Butch Trucks was here last night.  (Ed. note: I am a huge Allman Bros fan…can’t help myself.) Then they told me that last night “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”, “Whipping Post” and “The Weight” was played.  It was only at that moment that I realized I missed a KILLER show the night before.  I ran home after the show to hear those three songs.  Friday’s show:   1-22-10 Show from Archive

Second set ROCKED out.  People were loose, place was pumped up, energy was high.  Smokey, trippy, spacey, fabulous.  Great people, great fun, amazing music.  I love a show when even if you get bumped on, people smile, say they are sorry, etc.  This was the vibe at the moe. show.  We rocked it.  And made a mess to prove it.  

Next time they come down to NYC, I won’t miss any shows.

Set 2
1. Head
2. Spine Of A Dog >
3. Dr. Graffenberg >
4. Johnny Lineup
5. Letter Home >
6. Yodelittle >
7. Buster

1. New York City
2. Seat Of My Pants

1-23-10 Show from Archive


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