moe. Again at Brooklyn Bowl, NYC 1.26.10

After a long two days, and some well-deserved good news at work, I decided to hit the last minute scheduling of moe. at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Brooklyn Bowl is one of my newest favorite places in NYC to see a show.  It has a great vibe, great food, and is a small intimate space.  Capacity is only 600 people.  I can get as close to the stage as I want, should I choose.  You can usually find me in the back of any show- I have claustrophobic tendencies in huge crowds (and, ok, need space to dance). But when I have a hankerin’ to get in real close to watch the guitarist’s fingers whiz on the neck of his guitar – I can get easily up there at Brooklyn Bowl.

How to describe moe. to those who don’t know or have never heard them?  They are a merge of many types of bands- but one thing is certain,  they are Hot. High, high energy.  They are incredibly talented-the bassist is solid, the two guitarists play off each other in a game of “I say”, “You say” and the whole band is FAST.  Tight, sick jams, great beats, bouncy fun and serious riffs.

As a comparison tool, I try to hear other bands in the sounds of the live band on stage.  I came up with this list – feel free to comment.

moe. comparison to other bands:

  1. The Samples
  2. P-Funk
  3. A little Derek Trucks
  4. Phish

I highly recommend a rendezvous with moe.  You’ll be blown away.

last night’s show at The Brooklyn Bowl:

as always, please comment and add your thoughts.


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