Galactic, Terminal 5, 2.05.10 – Updated

I’m a huge funk fan (my cat’s name is Bootsy Collins, yes after that Bootsy) and Poppa George Clinton led the way in my funktastic search for the 5 hour jam .  But Galactic is not PFunk.  They are way funkier (is that possible?)  they’re New Orleans with a ‘tude, a punch of high crazy energy in the chin. They’re hard hitting with sax, loud trombones, keys and incredible jammin guitar, with a driving the beat to the ground on the one beat, imploding with an explosion of crazy drum and bass beats wrapped around great vocals.

Cyril Neville came in commanding respect, the crowd bounced their funky appreciation back to him, love adored.

I don’t have a set list or a link yet – will update when online.

Update:  Set list via taper, Scott Bernstein

1.  intro
2.  Blackbird Special
3.  Balkan Wedding
4.  Can I Be Your Main Squeeze?
5.  Tuff Love
6.  banter – new CD, bringing out Cyril Neville
7.  You Don’t Know
8.  Heart Of Steel
9.  No More Okeydoke
10. Boe Money
11. banter
12. Paid In Full
13. Dump Truck
14. Wild Man
15. banter – inviting out Tea Leaf Green
16. Don’t Do It +
17. Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ +
18. Ooh Nah Nay (w/Stanton Moore drum solo)
19. banter – announcing post-Super Bowl Brooklyn Bowl gig
20. Gossip
21. Bacchus
22. Cineramascope
23. thanks/encore break
24. From The Corner To The Block ->
25. Jam w/Butterscotch * ->
26. “Who Dat” jam ->
27. When The Saints Go Marching In
28. thanks

w/Cyril Neville on vocals and/or percussion for most of show starting at track 7
+ = w/Josh Clark (guitar/vocals) and Trevor Garrod (keyboards) from Tea Leaf Green
* = w/Butterscotch on vocals/beatboxing


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