Galactic, Brooklyn Bowl 2.7.10 Updated

Knew Galactic was in town to do a last minute announced show at Brooklyn Bowl after the Superbowl.
Was advertised as “Watch the Superbowl and Galactic Post-Superbowl Party!”
Since I just saw them on Friday, I was debating most of Sunday.

Should I go? It’s cold. Take a bath, get ready for the week, chill. Should I go? I’ve never missed a show when they are in town. It’s a school night. You see my dilemma.

4th quarter. 2 point conversion. Interception. Wow. New Orleans was screaming, and I forgot how cold it was outside. Galactic, New Orlean’s own, was playin’ in the city.

I am horrific at set lists, but this is what I do remember:

Started with a wonderful jingle: The Saints Come Marching In

Cyril Neville showed up, and belted.

Lots of Who Dat’s

A crazy rendition of a Zepp song came out, while I can’t believe I can’t recall what song it is now. UPDATE:  Whole Lotta Love (duh!)

Another guitarist came on stage.  I want to say he was from Soulive, but not 100% so don’t hold me to it. It was Will Bernard.

Sax and Trombone blasting.

Crazy bass guitarist, howling electric guitar, keyboards, Cyril on drums, Stanton so psyched he was standing up, banging on the cymbals.  At one point Neville saved a high hat from the floor.

Energy OUT OF CONTROL.  I guess that’s what it’s like to celebrate the Superbowl win, New Orleans style.

The band danced off the stage to Who Dat by K-Gates

Can only imagine what’s going on over at Bourbon St.

Pics from JamBase, from both nights are up.


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