Assembly of Dust, Brooklyn Bowl, 2.12.10

I’ve been frequenting The Brooklyn Bowl, um, frequently these days.  I’m on a roll these days, three times a week this past week, and still have to send out my props — Brooklyn Bowl is the best place to see a band.  For the intimacy (only 600 people capacity), the coolness of the staff and the awesome vibe.  Not to mention the food is outrageously delicious and there are killer bowling lanes available to play.  One day, I will go to play bowling.  But, not now.

Friday night was my first time seeing Assembly of Dust.  I had heard great things about them, and my love of Brooklyn Bowl made it easier to trek out there on a very cold February Friday evening.

I walk in and first note – the bar is crowded.  Very crowded.  Never seen it so crowded.  So, I decide that I’ll mosey around, check out the place before I get a drink.  I figured, once the band started playing the bar would clear out.

No such luck.  This crowd was a drinkin’ crowd.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Overall assumption:  Large crowd, great recommendations, this was going to be a great night.

And then the band started playing.  Since this was my first time ever hearing them, I have no set list but what I do have is admiration for the talented men on the stage.  The crowd (one of the largest crowds I’ve seen at The Brooklyn Bowl) was psyched UP to see these guys, and the intimacy of the space makes it even easier for everyone to groove on the high end.

I am still trying to categorize their sound.  Bouncy doesn’t seem to do it justice.  I guess their website says it best, “a galloping, insistent beat and swirls of psychedelic guitar.”  Yeah, that kinda says it all.

I was able to get onto the side of the stage, up close enough that I was parallel to the mic stands.  Lots of room to groove and the sound was still clear enough for the audiophile in me to be satisfied.  Found a long lost friend from Boston standing next to me, and the rest of the night was bliss.  Danced, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I need to get a better camera for these photos I post — the blackberry is lacking in good photo quality.  But for a sense, here it is:


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