Furthur takeaways and Future shows

My notations from conversations I have had with other people on the latest Furthur shows.

  1. The jams are too short.
  2. They seem to rush from song to song.
  3. Phil Lesh sounds great.  First night Radio City I heard a great banter between he and John, but I’ve missed seeing the red, white and blue armband.  Did I miss it?
  4. John Kadlecik is spot on.
  5. Jeff Chimenti is twinkle fingers on those keys.
  6. Bobby (even with his man-pris) still can belt.
  7. Bobby’s beard reminds some people of a cat and it’s whiskers.
  8. Some people want John to sing, and not Bobby.  I say, let Bobby sing as much as he wants.  If it makes him happy, let him sing.  (same sort of feeling I have about the man-pris:  if it makes him happy, let him!)
  9. Zoe and Sunshine are amazing, they both have great, beautiful voices.
  10. Jay Lane and Joe Russo play the drums amazingly well.  Jay, when bouncing, looks a bit like Animal from the Muppets.
  11. Each show is getting tighter and tighter, and more interesting snippets of music are coming (ie: the reggae jam at Mohegan, the jamming at AC.)
  12. Maybe I’m biased, but the Radio City Music Hall shows just were out of control.

Furthur has gone out to Chicago.  I’m glad they have left the vicinity.  I sometimes lose my head and want to go on tour with them – um, I lose focus.  Moving on, with the Allman’s NYC run.  I am only going to the last show.  It will be very hard to be in town while they are playing for three weeks, and I won’t be there.  But, alas, I will have to make it somehow.  (And I’ll hopefully find a ticket or two.)

If you have any other notes on the Furthur shows that I may have missed, please let me know!


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