Bowlive, Brooklyn Bowl, Night 3, 3.5.10

Preshow: Again, another line to get into the house.  Also, another freezing night in Brooklyn.  Must be the dancing that kills all that ails.  Got in, met a few new wonderful people from last night’s show, and got up front.  Claustrophobia be damned!

Set 1: Nigel Hall back on it with his keyboard.  His voice is really intoxicating.  Soulive has started these shows with him sitting at the keyboard, singing some really nice bluesy tunes.  Then, slowly Soulive (Eric Krasno, Alan and Neal Evans) come out on stage and nonchalantly start jamming along with him.  It’s a sweet way to start a show.

Set breaks: These guys are doing small sets, and short, multiple set breaks.  The tempo of the show shakes down differently with the small breaks.  They come on stage,  blast us for a snippet in time, and we all take a breather.  Then repeat.  Repeat all night long.

Set 2 Highlights: Beatles Jam:  Eleanor Rigby>I Want You>Eleanor Rigby:  Fast, sick jam, hauntingly beautiful, no singing just the three of them jamming out, those bass keys setting the pace.  Words have no place when I can link to a video: Enjoy. We then went into I Want You.  Neal Evans on bass keys drives a beat deep into your chest.  My notes say: “I Want You: bass keys out of mind.”  Yep, that kind of sums it up.

Set 3 Highlights:  London Souls, Manic Depression: The special guests of the evening, London Souls, got on stage and played Hendrix style.  The guitarist resembles Hendrix as well, if you squint hard.  The drummer’s hair reminds me of a brunette Robert Plant circa 1979.  They rock out like Led Zep as well.  Great beat, fast, tight, head banging style rock.  Old school rock.  Awesome.

Set 4 Highlights:  Horns:
Ryan Zoidis and Christian Scott came on stage again (they were on last night as well), and I was certain I heard some PFunk undertones in their jam.  They did a cover by Tears for Fears and then Since You’ve Been Gone by James Brown.  Oh baby, it was on.  Those bass keys vibrated deep through my body, reverberating through my chest.  Nigel Hall was on vocals for the James Brown tune, it was so sick, so fast it felt like we were traveling at top speed, crashing through the night on a out of control freight train. On stage were three horn players, a conga drummer, Soulive, and the guitarist and bassist from The London Souls.  How many people can you fit on the stage at Brooklyn Bowl?  Many, I say, the more the merrier.

After show: DJ Q-Tip: Now, I haven’t seen many DJ’s lately, but Q-Tip plays some old school vinyl.  Yes, I know he’s probably spinning mp3’s, but still, the songs that busted out last night were fun to dance to, time-warp and all.  At one point I realized my legs were bouncing without my control, and I couldn’t stop.  Finally said goodnight to the party, raging still, around 2am.

Tonight?  Bowlive again or Charlie Hunter.  Tough decisions, but these are great problems to have.

If I missed anything, let me know!


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