Bowlive, Rubber Soulive with Charlie Hunter, Kofi Burbridge and Nikki G., Brooklyn Bowl 3.9.10

Oh good lord.  I can’t believe I actually made it out last night to Brooklyn Bowl, for the 6th night of Bowlive, hosted by Soulive.  (This is night 4 for me).  This bar was buzzing last night, packed for a Tuesday; Man to Woman ratio: 6.5 to 1.  It’s nice to see some chicks rocking out to the funky vibes.  Tapers, photographers and videographers were there in droves, not to mention the audience with their plethora of cameras, flip cams and videos.  Youtube and should be filling up as we speak.

Preshow: Unknown.

Set 1: I missed it.  Heard it was Soulive alone.  Not sure.

Setbreak: Unknown.

Set 2: Nigel Hall and Charlie Hunter.  I left the side and went way up front, checking out Charlie’s style.  He plays a 7 string, plucks the bass line with his thumb while simultaneously strumming the guitar licks with his other fingers.  At. The. Same. Time.  I can barely text and walk at the same time, how do you play two different instrument rythmn lines at the same time?  Holy schmoley.

Setbreak: Unknown.

Set 3: Neal Evans comes on and plays drums for a bit with Charlie Hunter, Eric Krasno and Nigel Hall.  Then, Kofi Burbridge with flute in hand comes and throws out some beautiful notes with that silver instrument, rocking the house down.  Drummer Nikki G. (Beyonce) comes on stage, Neal moves to the keys and they play this awesome PFunk jam – apropos for the funk that has been dropped down on the Brooklyn Bowl the last few weeks.

Set 4 Highlights: Soulive plays all Beatles covers with everyone on stage – Charlie Hunter, Nigel Hall, Eric Krasno, Neal Evans, Alan Evans, Kofi Burbridge.  Insanity again at the Brooklyn Bowl.  Saw Robert Randolph and Adam Deitch and a whole bunch of musicians in the crowd last night.  Wild.  Crazy stuff happening over in Brooklyn, I am so grateful to be able to be a part of it.

Set 4 Setlist: Baby You Can Drive My Car / In My Life / Come Together / Something / Day Tripper / Get Back / Eleanor Rigby –> I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

Soulive’s Blog and great pics from Dino Perrucci are here.


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