Some Cat From Japan, Brooklyn Bowl, 3.25.10

Ed note: I wrote this review back in March

Some Cat From Japan Set: Hendrix Set.  Will Bernard dedicates the set to photographer Jim Marshall, who passed away yesterday.  Cool.   Jim Marshall has taken the most iconic music photos.  You have seen them.  RIP Mr. Marshall.

Ok.  Now, here we go.  I have not seen any of these guys except Nigel Hall, keys and vocals and Will Bernard, guitar.  I do not know of Scott Metzger, guitar; Ron Johnson, bass;  and Louis Cato, drums.  I was in for a pleasant surprise.  I know better than to disregard insights from friends that know.

There was hardly more than 50 people in the house.  This truly was the antithesis of claustrophobia, and luckily for me I was able to twirl, take notes, get up close and take pictures and dance.  I love NYC for things like this – hardly a crowd yet totally insane rocking out on the stage.  Life is good.

Nigel just does his James Brown wailing thing, outrageous on its own.  Will Bernard and Scott Metzger rage out on their guitars.  Ron Johnson keeps that funky bass line chugging along, all the while Louis Cato going sick on the drums.  This is a groove, a funky line that gets my body moving, all the while Hendrix bound through the evening.

Set List: Changes, Isabella, Crosstown Traffic, Manic Depression, Dolly Duger, Hey Joe, Freedom…. That is as far as I got, which is pretty good for me, Ms. Non-Setlist (w/ help from Tony).

Bernard is technically perfect.  He’s way frikkin talented.  The bowlers were making a racous, we heard screaming at one low point of the set, which was absolutely perfect.  I started laughing thinking either the screamers team just won, or she threw a strike.  Either way, it was pretty hilarious to watch these musicians jam while bowling was going on.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard the bowlers before.

This Cat from Japan was soulful, groovy, funk, having fun with those who were there, the crowd was appreciative.  Just have to say when Bernard wasn’t shredding, Metzger was, and both these guys can play that instrument extremely well, both technically and soulfully.  I enjoyed my evening, starting with my favorite Moonalice, ending with checking out a bunch of new guys that I’ve never heard before, and loving every moment.

Again, another smile.  Again, another night at The Brooklyn Bowl.


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