Bowlive Final Night; Soulive with special guests: DJ Logic, Kofi Burbridge and Warren Haynes 3.13.10 – updated

photo by: Karen Dugan

OK. So, I lost my pen around 11pm, so let’s see how I can recount this.

Pre-show: Breezed in.  They know me now, I mean, I’ve hit 8 of the 10 shows.  I couldn’t help myself.  Really.

Set 1: Nigel Hall band with Nikki G. on drums, Tash on sax, Alan on drums, Neal and Nigel on keys.  There were 2 sax players and Eric Krasno on bass.  Yes.  Bass.  Oh boy, what the hell is going on??

Set 2: Pure Soulive only set.  Kofi Burbridge saunters on stage around the second or third song.  Then the Shady Horns joins.  Alan is the MC Extraordinaire of the whole run, and he is doing a great job of it.  Krasno decided to do a little plucking on his guitar, along with Neal’s deep bass groove, which then explodes into shredding.  The horns accentuate the beat, the flute cuts the groove with a sparkle making this whole thing seem like fireworks on stage.  Indeed, I believe it was.  Nigel shows up on stage midsong and we get all down and dirty.  It looks like a lovefest up there.

Set 3: DJ Logic turns some great funky jams.  That was nice.  Really nice.  Funky and low, great to dance to.  Yep.  Nice.

Notes: The Brooklyn Bowl was buzzing when I first walked in.  It seemed like people knew it was gonna be a great night.  The rumor mill was swirling, with a name “Warren”.  Really?  Warren?  Actually yes, Warren Haynes showed up around 12:30 and played for about 30-45 minutes.  It was sweet.  Warren on guitar, Alan on drums, Nikki G. on congas, a bazillion horn players, Kofi on keys, Alan on keys, I think Nigel was on keys.

And this is why I need to write this stuff down immediately.  And I also need a better camera.

Thanks for the Bowlive Blues Festival at Brooklyn Bowl.  Hope y’all come back real soon!


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