Dumpstaphunk + Rebirth Brass Band, Highline Ballroom, 4.1.10

Preshow: Venue: Insane to get in.  Total chaos between the will call line and the line for tickets.  Couldn’t get in, venue staff was less than helpful.  Painful.  Yet, still, my show karma stayed with me, and throughout all the chaos to get into the place, I was able to get settled and find a place before the band went on.  Love that.

Rebirth Brass Band: Now, who doesn’t love a stage full of horns?  Yep. That’s what I’m talking about.  Horns, loud and true.  New Orleans funk was in the house, and they came out like a punch in the face and didn’t stop.  The band is: Phil Frazier – Tuba Keith Frazier – Bass Drum, Derek Shezbie – Trumpet, Glen Andrews – Trumpet, Stafford Agee – Trombone, Corey Henry – Trombone, Derrick Tabb – Snare Drum, Vincent Broussard – Saxophone, Chaderick Honroe – Trumpet.  Whoo.  The house got hot and these guys frikkin wailed it.  The Highline was totally packed, groove was on, people were jammin all around me, and the place was lifted.  The crowd was psyched.  The horns were LOUD and we just started.  Dumpstaphunk hadn’t even shown their faces yet.

Set Break: Saw lots of friends in the house.  People were smiling, or maybe shining was the word.  There was a drop off of crowd during the set break, all the better for me, more room to dance.  So, from being packed with no room to move, I was able to have a little bubble of space to shake my hips.  Fabulous.

Photo by: Karen Dugan

Dumpstaphunk: Um, Ivan Neville.  Rocks.  Highline Ballroom lifted.  Yeah.  Fun.  Way fun.  The word was actually sexual. These guys, especially the bassist, Tony Hall, were dripping pure raw, in your face sexual energy around the Highline and the place got hot.  Like, way hot.  Like, ooh baby oh my my my hot.  Let me see if I can try to recount this.  Lost my pen, couldn’t take any pictures that you can see anything with, and got a set list from my buddy.  Yep, one of THOSE nights.

Photo by: Karen Dugan

Set List: Shake it Off, Neutra Rat, No More Okey Doke, Lt. Dan, We Can Make It If We try –>, Everybody Wants Some, Meanwhile…, Jam, She’s Music, Deeper, Put It In The Dumpsta, Gasman, Nick Daniels Bass Solo, Standing in Yo Stuff

Shake it Off starts out tempered, bouncy, nice.  There was some Sly in the house with We Can Make It If We Try, … seriously, you can’t go wrong with any Sly at all.    The front row got crowded, I got claustrophobic so I started to move around.  Thankfully there was more room to dance, I was floating on the music playing in front of me, and I closed my eyes… put my hair in my face, and just listened, and danced.  Danced Hard.  Ivan Neville gets up from the keyboard and grabs a guitar.  Yep.  Head exploding.

Photo by: Karen Dugan

I look up and who shows up but Eric Krasno from Soulive.  To be honest it’s a blur.  I was totally in the dancing zone until I heard a wail that was reminiscent of a few weeks back.  Look up, there is Kraz.  Why hello Kraz, let’s just turn this place up a notch, no?  He wailed, as always.  Then Nikki Glaspie shows up on the drums.  Maurice Brown shows up on the trumpet… Um.  Yeah.  Love NYC for stuff just like this.  Woo hoo baby.  I said it was hot before, sexual tension and all that… well, now it just steamed… mist of crazy funk running through the club.  Yeah.  Phewwwww.

Dumpsta raged.  Hard.  Through the club.  Everyone had smiles.  Everyone was dancing.  Everyone was hot.  My girlfriend jumped up on the stage and shook her booty with the rest of the ladies for a fitting end to an amazing evening.  A tingling went through the Highline Ballroom, and suddenly, I was craving crawfish, red beans and rice and some etouffee.  New Orleans, we thank you for stopping by the Big City … and now my attention turns to how I can get to Jazz Fest.  Who Dat?

Dumpsta:  Nick Daniels, Bass; Raymond Weber, Drums; Ian Neville, Guitar; Tony Hall, Bass; Ivan Neville, Keys and Guitar


One thought on “Dumpstaphunk + Rebirth Brass Band, Highline Ballroom, 4.1.10

  1. Rebirth’s new year’s eve show at Sullivan Hall was smokin’ so I toyed with catching them again — but I’m holding out for later this month at Jazz Fest.

    See you there for beans and rice and some hot jazz?

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