Sunday Jazz Session, My Apartment, 4.4.10

I am home, with laptop on, well,… lap, and am all comfy in my Sunday clothes, laying in bed and I hear jazz from the restaurant next door.  I live on the first floor, so the sidewalk is pretty much on the other side of my window.  And then there was three.  Three incredible musicians playing, not 10 feet away from my window.  Incredible jazz.  Really talented musicians.  It is the kind of music that your toes just bounce to, that when the cymbals crash so softly, the floaty jazzy notes between the guitarist and the bassist, my lord, it makes you grateful for feeling this kind of NYC energy, so sweet, so infectious.  This is outside my apartment.  It’s worth a $20 ticket.  And, I’m laying in bed on a Sunday afternoon.  The city is seducing me, and I’m swooning.


One thought on “Sunday Jazz Session, My Apartment, 4.4.10

  1. That is awesome. New York City truly does have music everywhere you look. I love my classical pianist across the way out my window. It makes for the most beautiful of Saturday mornings when she composes before giving lessons!

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