The Pimps of Joytime, Brooklyn Bowl, 4.2.10

SETLIST!!! For those who do not know me yet, I am not that great with the set lists.  I have friends that try to help me, but when I have access to this, it is infinitely easier.

Pre-Show: I walked in and checked the scene.  There was a trumpet, conga players, alto sax, drums, keys, guitar and a bass already jamming on stage.  Trumpet, congas and sax?  Nice.  I did my usual walk around and decided to grab some food before the evening began.  The band was The Funk Ark, from DC., and they were sweet, they had a 70’s soul/funk sorta vibe, the horns rocked, accentuating exactly where they should be.  I’d check ’em out again.  As fate would have it, my buddies showed up as I was finishing my humongous BLT sandwich, and it was time for The Pimps of Joytime.

Ok, let me set the stage, I’ve never seen the Pimps of Joytime before, but my Meetup NYC Funk Live group recommended them, and this awesome bunch of funky music lovers never steer me wrong.  For $5 bucks, yeah, I could stand it.  Although I knew Dumpstaphunk was playing at Sully Hall, I had reconciled in my head that I could spare the $25 bucks and see them at Wanee.

First Impression: The bassist has a gold lame headband.  Awesome.  That was the first thing I focused on.  The sound was bouncy, groovy and bassy.  Then it went funky.  The lead guitarist, Brian J. switches to the keys, then, wait – Clark Dark, the bassist turns to his keys… um.  OK.  No guitars, 2 keyboard players, well well.  I was in the back of the floor, on the side, with plenty of room to jam.  Brooklyn Bowl was about 300-400 strong, and people were pumped.

Mayteana Morales: Samples, Percussion & Vocals – first impression?  She looks a bit like Gloria Estefan, just as pretty, just as cute with her really pretty dress on, and really good.  I had to go up to get a look at what she was doing on this thing.  All I could see was her hands hitting this machine, and the sound reverberated from it.  Whatever it was, it was cool.

First we went into a deep groove, ok, my notes say: hint of PFunk, dirty bass, saucy.  That was before they put in the latin Santana style on top of the groovy funk vibe we were in.  These guys raged, and they raged hard.  There was a James Brown kinda Slyish funk to the tunes…. oh, did I mention the congas?  Yeah.  Those vibrations coming out of those instruments made me stomp my feet, close my eyes and dance hard.  They rocked.  I couldn’t get the smile off my face.

It makes it hard to describe the songs when I don’t know what the titles were, but… moving on.  They played a seductive little song (<insert song title here>) that was really hot… like holy crap, bluesy they tear it up hot… The Pimps were funky, funky funky, the Bowl was lifted yet once again.  Guess that’s what happens when there are 2 keys, a congas, drums and a synth.  Wow.  Really.  Wow.

Happiness.  Once again.  At the Brooklyn Bowl.


2 thoughts on “The Pimps of Joytime, Brooklyn Bowl, 4.2.10

  1. this show was amazing, absolutly amazing. it was my first pimps show along with the funk ark and it just blew my mind. me and my friends were up front jammin the whole night. please tell me theres pictures and what not from the night because i remember someone with a camera takin shots of the crowd, i was with the spunny rabbit and we were ragin harder than anyone in th venue.

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