Wanee Festival, Day 1 – Thurs., April 14

I forgot my ticket in NYC.  That was all I could think about.  I had called people I knew, asked about an extra ticket, tried to call will call but the woman at the front desk of Wanee said I’d be ok, bring my ID and my confirmation email.  Well, I had both of those.  And, when I got to willcall, they said, “No problem sugah, you have ID?  We have you in the system.”  Yes ma’am, I had ID and they happily put my wristband on me and sent me on my way.  Yes, easy breezy time.

After a hellish time getting to the camp, driving in circles in the dusty laned camping ground area we finally got to where we needed to go.  Right near the Mushroom Stage, you could see the stage through the fence near our camp.  I love Wanee.  I love our campsite.  I love my friends whom I was with.  And I was looking forward to hearing Particle and PFunk later in the evening.

The Peach Stage...before anyone showed up

Took a walk, surveyed the scene – down the road, take a left, lots of vendors, toilets (this info will come in handy later), food to the right, hill to the left and voila! The Peach Stage.  Alrighty then, with our bearings intact on where/what/who/why, we went back to camp to hear the music.

Col. Bruce Hampton

6:55pm.  Col. Bruce Hampton Mushroom Stage.  They were really nice, they went with the whole pre-show groove going on.

8pm Dinner  “Wilted Chili” Chili and Clam Linguini… oh my.  yum.

The Spirit of Suwanee Moment: when my buddy from NYC who I didn’t even know was going to be there, walks near my camp and hugs me.  Wow.  Love that.

Somewhere between Col. Bruce Hampton and Particle I lost my phone.  I don’t know what was going on with me this weekend, it seemed I was in a lost vortex or something.  So, for the second night I cried.  The first night I cried because I thought I couldn’t get into the festival.  The second night I cried for my phone.  I was bummed.


Particle: They were a mix of funky jazz electronica.  “Live-tronica” Lounge-y, reminiscent of Thievery Corp and Olive and Zero 7 all mushed together.  Then they raged, with some fast rock riffs.  They were nice.  I liked it.

Then came George Clinton and the P-Funk.  They played my favorite PFunk song of all time – Red Hot Momma.  And they played Flashlight.  And I stopped crying way before then.  Probably with the first scream of Poppa George Clinton’s.  But, Red Hot Momma?  Damn.  Phone?  Who needs a phone??  Red Hot Momma from Louisiana….. pheww.

Went back to camp where the camp family were waiting for me, and we celebrated Wanee style.  In front of a fire, chill acoustic covers from our own band, The Wilted Chili’s, and lots of laughs.  Ooooh, boy, we haven’t even started yet.  The Festival officially starts on Friday.  Phew.


2 thoughts on “Wanee Festival, Day 1 – Thurs., April 14

  1. Maybe we need to put some hanging things around your neck to stash stuff in. = ) Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Particle was Sean’s favorite band. Never heard of them before but they were awesome.
    Good times!!!

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