Chick Corea, John Scofield, Eddie Gomez & Paul Motian, Blue Note Jazz Club, 5.12.10

Ed note:  I truly have no words.  This was an extremely special night for me to witness.  Place was standing room only.  I met my hero, and said hello, and got a picture of him.

I have never seen any of these guys live.  I was so excited all day, I couldn’t focus. The place was packed – standing room only.  We were the lucky few to have been there, and I believe we all knew it.

It was the best eight song jam session I’d ever been too.  Chick Corea. John Scofield with Paul Motian on drums.  Eddie Gomez scatted on the bass,  and he took a bow out and played a bit of classical bass.  “Bowin’ the bass.”  It was wild, beautiful, incredible.

Chick Corea has been doing a 2 week Tribute to the memory of Bill Evans at The Blue Note Jazz Club.  When they played, it was like Chick and John were talking to each other with their instruments.  It was like I was overhearing a secret between them all. Way intimate, way beautiful.

John Scofield played like a master.  His facial expressions while playing are priceless.  I love watching musicians sing their songs, lipsyncing their parts, and John’s face is entertaining, to say the least.

A cool interview with the band after the show can be found here: From Soundcloud.

Ed note: I met him, John Scofield.  I told him how much I loved his music.  He said, “wow, girl fans… I usually have more guy fans.”  Yeah, well… I know talent when I hear it.  I want to play the guitar now, I want to pluck those strings like he does.  But I never will be able to, so I’ll let the professionals play for me.  I’ll just listen.  And float.  I floated for days after this gig.  Wow.


One thought on “Chick Corea, John Scofield, Eddie Gomez & Paul Motian, Blue Note Jazz Club, 5.12.10

  1. “It was like hearing a secret between them….” I love that, how very true and what a wonderful description. :) And I love that we experienced this together. I fully agree that it was the best jam session EVER, EVER, EVER!

    “I’ll just listen. And float. ” Word!

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