Mountain Jam VI, Day 3 – Sunday, June 6 – Updated

Pre-festie: The rain had stopped when I woke up.  It looked beautiful enough at the start.  We had a leisurely morning, I went down to the festival to grab some coffee and then headed back to pack up.  By the time we all motivated ALO was already on stage.

I missed the morning Michael Franti show and we left before the Levon Helm 70th Birthday Celebration. Rolling Stone reviewed it here.

Michael Franti & Spearhead:  Franti is amazing.  He has this wonderful energy that comes along with him, and magic happens when he is on stage.  I first saw him at last year’s Mountain Jam, and he moved the mountain, literally again.  The crowd moves with him, jumps with him, his energy is so loving and peaceful and his voice is… well.  Amazing.  He was telling us we were going to sing and send the sun back.  That lasted for about a song.  Then it came.  The downpour literally was torrential, people (myself included) running off the mountain into the lodge and other areas for cover.  It poured for about 20 minutes.  And then it stopped.

Franti comes back on stage and my friend and I move from our shelter of the vending area back up the hill.  I was able to watch down on the crowd in front of the stage and watched them ooze love to the man.  Franti then comes off the stage and into the crowd.  Singing, talking, he was so close to me.  The sun beamed down as he was in the crowd.  I had goosebumps.  Literally.  He brought the kids on stage.  It was great.  Love Franti.  Franti Love.  Wonderful.

Here’s the link to

Matisyahu:  He’s powerful on stage.  I like him, but have to admit, I have a hard time understanding the lyrics.  The time was ticking (we were leaving after Alison Krauss), and I needed to get some hippie gear for a sister, so I went off to the vending area.  I believe it was during Matisyahu I tried one of those fried dough with sugar on top things.  Yep.  I did.  Archive link here.

Alison Krauss and Union Station: I didn’t know who Alison Krauss was, so I settled in for a nice Sunday afternoon bluegrass set with my winter hat and mud boots on.  The temperature had dropped.  Her voice sounded familiar to me, and I began to sing along with the songs, knowing every word.  Have you ever had that experience before?  After much thinking over a few songs, I realized that I owned some of her cd’s in the early 2000’s.  About the time that I imported cd’s into iTunes.  I don’t think that one made the cut and I realized that I haven’t heard this in a long time.  It was beautiful, she sings so sweetly, so crisply, heavenly.  Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.  Perfect for the last set of Mountain Jam (for me).  Bliss.

Thank you Mountain Jam VI.  Looking forward to lucky VII.  Here’s a link to Mountain Jam’s official blog.  More pictures here.


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