Gathering of the Vibes: Overview

photo by: EJ Kelly

First thoughts… Beginning to come down a bit off my mindblowing music high.  Thank you Gathering of the Vibes!

  1. Zero tolerance of nitrous dealers. There were no balloons.  There were no tanks.  There was no sketchiness of any sort.  Yes, there were wookies and hippies and children playing alike, but there was no Nitrous. Nicely done Vibes.
  2. Camp Scene: Chill people to camp with (about 20 people in the group), Chill people to hang with, Chill people surrounding us.  We were close to family/boardie/VIP camping and it was great.  Best camping experience, goes up with my Wanee camping.
  3. General Scene: The main difference I saw was there was only 1 stage on the main field instead of the usual 2.  Somehow they moved gear swiftly, until the last day, when Jimmy Cliff was 30 minutes late, and NAS was about an hour late.  Hell, not so bad at all – nice job crew.  Beers courtesy of Sierra Nevada (yum).
  4. Crowd: Still waiting on the official numbers of attendees, but from last year to this year, it was a bigger crowd.  I bet somewhere in the 5,000-8,000 people showed up.  I figure not all camped but the day passes brought in lots of people.  Friday’s Furthur show was packed as was Saturday’s Primus show.  Packed as in can’t really move through the field because of all the people and chairs, and serious lines for the port-a-potties.
  5. Water: Water situation at Vibes were a let down after my experience at Nateva. There are no spigots at Vibes.  There is a few sporadic placed water fountains.  Seriously, water fountains, not spigots.  After 15 years, you’d think they could get a water truck or something for the people.
  6. MUSIC: Personal highlights (in order of preference:)
  • Deep Banana Blackout
  • Primus
  • Furthur
  • Rhythm Devils
  • Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
  • Assembly of Dust
  • Dark Star Orchestra
  • Robert Randolph and the Family Band.

One thought on “Gathering of the Vibes: Overview

  1. Glad no incidents like Maine, although the security to get in sounded like it took way too long…

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