Gov’t Mule, PC Richards Theater, August 10, 2010

Set List Snag by: Ross McKillop

Pre-show: I signed up for a ticket giveaway from Relix Magazine and at 5:30, I got a call telling me I won a ticket +1.  The PC Richards Theater turned out to be this tiny place, standing room only, for no more that 200 people.  I’d say there were 150 people there.  I was one of the 50 women in the room.  Love the ratios at the Mule shows.

Show: Started out with Brokedown and I was immediately struck by the power and Jorgen’s deep loud bass.  Uh huh.  Hi Mule.  There was no dancing – just lots of head nodding going on.  I believe I did start to try to sway during Steppin’ Lightly but it wasn’t really the place to rock out.  But I tried, they ended the song strong, Warren pulling on those strings, in beautiful Mule style.  After each song ended there was rowdy crowd banter, a back and forth between the band and the crowd.  Yes, it was that intimate.  Railroad Boy > Beautifully Broken. I was in heaven.  She’s so Beautifully Broken… Warren breaks out in plucking/strumming/wailing glory.  Raging the end to slide into Have Mercy On The Criminal. Not really a slide at all – there was more heckling/yelling/banter going on.  Fun stuff.

Jorgen's pick snag by: Ross McKillop

After an incredible Soulshine (really, when is there ever a bad Soulshine?) they left the stage – totalling a 50 minute show in all.  Most of the crowd left, I stayed around and said hi to friends and then the word came that they were coming back on stage.  I looked around and it was nice now, only about 40-50 people left lingering.  But, it was a lie, they never came back on stage, which was fine – I had tomorrow’s Summerstage show to look forward to.

Post-ShowWo Hop for fried dumplings with a few other Muleheads in the know – that I didn’t know until I saw the line and the Mule shirts in front of us.  Yum, that was a great night.


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