Blues Traveler, Brooklyn Bowl, 11.6.10

photo by: Rob Chapman

I haven’t seen these guys since Horde tour.

A face-melting, body-rocking, fun time.

Pre-show: My friend and I were a bit freaked out since we both did not have tickets for this show, and the website said Tickets At the Door (a ticket status I was not that familiar with).  I got on line at 6:30 for tickets, and she picked me up saying, “I will get us hard tickets, that way we won’t be in the restaurant for 3 hours before the show starts.”  Smart Lady…. Well…. our “friend” with the tickets tried selling us Saturday night’s tickets instead (this was for Friday, not Saturday), so we ended back up at The Brooklyn Bowl for their famous Fried Chicken, Collard Greens and Mashed Potatoes. Yum!  A great dinner to share with a friend, all I can say is that the cocktail I was drinking, the dinner I was eating, the company I was keeping and the atmosphere of the Bowl was the perfect way to end a long week.

photo by: Rob Chapman

We had 3 hours to kill before the opening band came on.  I tried to pace myself.

Peter Shapiro, co-owner of The Bowl, came up to introduce the band, with a really great story about Blues Traveler, the Wetlands and Bobby Sheehan. Quote of the night: “Without Blues Traveler there would be no Wetlands. Without Wetlands, there would surely be no Brooklyn Bowl.” The love was strong this night in Brooklyn.

Cast of Characters:
John Popper: vocals, harmonica
Chandler Kinchla: guitar
Ben Wilson: keyboard
Tad Kinchla: bass
Brendan Hill: drums

Special Guests: Andraes Noboa, Guitar & Matt White, Guitar


As the above set list shows, this night was great.  The music, the love in the room, Popper smokin’ on stage, great show.  I danced, once again, my butt off (I swear, pieces of my a** must be strewn all over the Brooklyn Bowl by now).

I highly recommend you see Blues Traveler when they roll through your town.  They’re tight, sound great, you’ll dance hard and leave with a smile on your face, if not a bit of ringing in your ears.


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