Random Phishy thoughts and musings

People ask me why I don’t write about the Phish shows I see, and I think I can verbalize why…

Phish is a full on experience – I can’t really write notes while Chris Kuroda and his lightshow extraordinaire is flashing infront of me.  I can’t really try to analyze what Trey, Mike, Fishman and Page are doing up there, because it is just to much stimuli to process.

Between the incredible talented jams, the light show you must see at least once in your life, the energy of the crowd (usually on overdrive) and that beautiful circle of exchanges between band and their adoring fans…. no, there is no way I can write it down.

And, yes, I’ll be spending New Years Eve with Phish… but not before one last evening with my beloved Mule – as they take a hiatus on tour for a while.

Ed note:  Do not be mistaken, Phish can never take the place of Mule, nor should they really ever cross….


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