Save Porter, Batiste and Stoltz – INFORMATION

I knew this was in litigation back in the summer, but I hadn’t heard anything else until now.

From the website linked above.

“Hello fans of music – this is an URGENT message!

George Porter Jr., Russell Batiste and Brian Stoltz, individually and as members of PBS, LLC, need OUR help.

They have been sued by their former management company, Higsteppin’ Productions, LLC, owned by Phil Stepanian, for a huge sum of money (more than a half-million dollars, yes, that’s right, over a half-million dollars), which they do not have, cannot pay, and should not owe.

Both Porter and Stoltz have had to file for bankruptcy protection, and they risk losing their homes, assets, and life’s work. GEORGE MAY LOSE HIS ROYALTIES AND PUBLISHING RIGHTS! As y’all already may know, through their work collectively and individually with the Meters, the Neville Brothers, Doctor John and Allen Toussaint (to name just a few), these wonderful musicians have contributed an immeasurable amount to the cultural landscape of New Orleans, America and the world.

You can help by clicking on this widget below – or go to the SAVEPBS.ORG website:


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