22nd Annual Xmas Jam – TOP TEN

My Top 10 highlights of the 22nd Annual Christmas Jam in Asheville, NC.

10.  The Christmas Jam Ale was delicious going down.  But it crushed me the next morning.

9.  Dirty Dozen Brass Band opening the Pre-Jam, and setting the tone for the whole weekend.

8.  New band The Last Straw from Nashville TN.  Rocking southern sound, and wonderful nice people.  Can’t wait to see them in NYC!

7.  The Satellite Gallery showcasing incredible photos from Allison Murphy, Danny Clinch (this one being my favorite), David Oppenheimer, Dino Perrucci, Don Van Cleave, Jay Blakesberg, Kirk West, Stewart O’Shields.
Poster Art By: Eugene Serebrennikov (Hyp_inc), Gary Houston, Jeff Troldahl, Steve Johannsen & More

6.  Standing next to Artemis Pyle at the Emerald Lounge – no more than 5 feet from him.  Wow.

5.  VIP tickets for Christmas Jam allowing us to get into the Pre-Jam at the Orange Peel, and extra amenities at the Christmas Jam.  They fed me, and they had a separate bar line (albeit always very long), coat check and private bathrooms.

4.  Steve Miller, a cappella and Carlos Reyes on harp.  Song dedicated to Les Paul.  Breathtaking, goosebumps.

3.  The Warren Haynes Band. No words.  Seriously.  Highlight: Sneakin’ Sally through the Alley

2.  Gregg Allman and Warren Haynes, acoustic, playing Melissa at the Pre-Jam.  Brought me to new heights.

1.  The Players:  Warren Haynes, Ruthie Foster, Ivan Neville, Ron Holloway, Ron Johnson, Terrence Higgins, Kevn Kinney, Audley Freed, Gregg Allman, Steve Miller, John Bell, JoJo Hermann, Umphree’s McGee, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Cody Dickinson and so many more…


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