Funk Rolls Down the Bowling Lanes w/ Bowlive 2 – March 1, 2011 (updated w/ video)

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Last night, Soulive’s 10 night residency at The Brooklyn Bowl began with a blast, a bit of stink, and horns galore….  These are my first impressions:

  • Apparantly Brooklyn Bowl owner Peter Shapiro handed out 600 tequila shots.  Missed that.  Darn.
  • Lettuce and Maceo Parker brought the house down.
  • The secret is out of the bag, the place was packed for a random Tuesday evening.
  • Nigel Hall and his Band set the tone for what is about to go down the next two weeks.
  • Soulive:  Pure FONKI power…

I’ll be jotting down my notes for Jambands this week – and will link to those published stories (right here!).  From what I saw last night, the documentarians are out in full force, tapers, photographers, videographers, not to mention the official Soulive crew.  I think there may be a Bowlive 2 video in the making.  (by the way, they have DVD’s of Bowlive 1 on sale at The Bowl).

Here’s a taste of some of the pictures from one of the Funkiest Bowling Hall Residencies around:  Bowlive 2, Night 1, 3/1/11

Pictures from Dino Perrucci below and, Ruth Rocks and Relix (so far).

As of right now, there are no YouTubes (that I could find) to post.  C’mon documentarians…. get it together – this thing goes fast and you have to dump your footage and post your links ASAP. See Below in the comments section for Video:  Thanks Ross!

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