Robert Plant and The Band of Joy, Wanee Festival, 4.15.11

The artists who play with Plant are extremely talented musicians, it brings the band up a stratosphere.  Add, Plant’s beautifully eerie vocals reminiscent of the Zeppelin days, but not,- add in a splash of the beauty of the Wanee Festival, with its friendly folk and country charm equals… Wow.   15,000 of us out in a Floridian field, next to the Suwanee River, jamming out with Robert Plant.  Yes, Wow.

The Band of Joy are: vocalist Patty Griffin, guitarist Buddy Miller, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Daryl Scott, bassist-vocalist Byron House, and drummer-percussionist-vocalist Marco Giovino.

I was sitting on the soundboard, about 30 feet from the stage, and I was elevated, sitting above the crowd.  My eyes were fixated on Plant, in awe of his presence.  He still dances great, he still sings strong, and he turns the stage over to Miller, Scott, House, Giovino who all respectable, intricately technical musicians.  Patty Griffin has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard, and when she sings with Plant along with the strings of Daryl Scott and Buddy Miller, well, it’s like… I have no words.

Favorite Songs:  The Zep Covers, How Many Times Have You Heard Someone Say, I’m In The Mood For A Melody, … actually, to be honest, the whole set I was mesmerized.  Plant had a nice banter with the audience, complementing someone’s tattoo, and after his set was done he came back and said something like, “Well hi, they say since I’m the headliner I can play a few more songs.”  We started during the sunset, and we ended in the dark, with flame lanterns flying in the sky, all of us dancing away the day.

Ending the set with Dylan’s A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, Plant and Griffin singing duet, my friends and I floated off the field back to camp for food intake before the second night of Allman’s.  It was a beautiful 2 hours spent with the incredible Robert Plant and The Band of Joy.  It was a beautiful day filled with incredible music.  There were still two bands still to play that evening. And I was floating on a cloud, named Wanee.

Set List
1. Black Dog
2. Down by the Sea
3. Angel Dance
4. Black County Women
5. House Of Cards
6. Monkey
7. Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go
8. Gallows Pole
9. How Many Times Have You Heard Someone Say
10 .Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
11. Ocean Of Tears
12. I’m In The Mood For A Melody
13. Please Read The Letter
14. Houses Of The Holy
15. Ramble On
16. Crowd
17. Central 208
18. Rock & Roll
19. A Hard Rain Is A Gonna Fall


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