Tune In To Hep C. Benefit with The Allman Brothers and very special guests

photo by: Allison Murphy

Wednesday July 27, 2011, Beacon Theater

I got in late, close to the end of the first set and I missed Natalie Cole and Ron Holloway, (darn it.)   I did, however, hear an incredible Liz Reed with Bill Evans on sax – making it a spacy, raging, beautiful jazz/guitar mashup jam before setbreak.  Warren tells us they are going to take a short break, a really short one and to stay tuned for more really special guests.  Time to hit the restrooms, wrestle the crowd for a drink, and get back for more.

photo by: Allison Murphy

Second set, David Crosby and Graham Nash were already on stage with Derek Trucks when I walked in (I was dealing with a large unmovable crowd), and the three of them are on stage, Derek strumming his guitar while Crosby and Nash sing Teach Your Children.  My eyes at this point are bugging out of my head, I don’t think I have ever seen Crosby and Nash live before, and I’m frozen in watching these three men on the stage.

The whole theater was on their feet, I was in awe seeing Crosby and Nash only 10 rows away from me.  Couldn’t get the grin off my face, but did not sing along because I wanted to hear these two sing, play acoustic guitar, with Derek.  It was so beautiful and special, I had goosebumps.  I doubt I was the only one.

Crosby and Nash alone sing Guinnevere .  Guinnevere.   Yes, really.  If I didn’t have goosebumps by then, I really had them now.  Liftoff to my blissful music high, this is when I began to swoon.  Warren Haynes comes out and the three sing Find the Cost of Freedom a capella. David Crosby then tells us “…how he hasn’t played the next song for a while because, well, he couldn’t remember all the words.  Since he wasn’t stoned tonight,” he continued, “he wanted to play it.”  Chuckles from the stage and audience started Cowboy Movie song.

photo by: Allison Murphy

Afterwards, Phil Lesh comes out to join for a plethora of Dead tunes including Shakedown, Sugaree, and Franklin’s Tower.  Oh, if there was only a bit more room to spin in the aisles of The Beacon….  Instead, I shook my hips, bounced my head and was happier than a clam in my little 3 foot area.  The memorable evening unfolding in this theater was palpable to everyone.  Awesome.

Ending in true Allman’s style, we were treated to a crushing Whipping Post, with Natalie Cole singing, (more like belting) the first verse, ending the show with a kalidescope of players, solos, singing, shredding glorious beauty.  Thank you Allman’s.

We were treated to a two song encore, with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons showing up for Will The Circle Be Broken, an ABB song that hasn’t been played for 14 years.

photo by: Allison Murphy

Breathtaken I stood around, alone as the house lights came on.  I was dazed and didn’t know what to do with myself.  I looked at the gorgeous interior of The Beacon, watched Gregg Allman come out and shake the crowd’s hands, and I eventually floated out of the show, walked down to Gray’s Papaya for a few hotdogs, and wandered home….stupified… and needing to write this down.  Phewwwww.

Other Guests:  Danny Louis, Devon Allman

Set 1 (from Philzone.org)
Don’t Want You No More>
It’s Not My Cross To Bear
Walk on Guilded Splinters
One Way Out
Into the Mystic
Statesboro Blues
Blind Willie McTell
Black Hearted Woman>
Other One Jam
A Change Is Gonna Come (Natalie Cole vocals Ron Holloway sax Danny Louis keyboard)
The Weight (Natalie Cole vocals Ron Holloway sax)
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (Bill Evans sax)

Set 2
Teach Your Children (David Crosby & Graham Nash Derek Trucks guitar)
Guinnevere (David Crosby & Graham Nash)
Find The Cost Of Freedom (David Crosby & Graham Nash)
Cowboy Movie (ABB David Crosby & Graham Nash Phil Lesh)
Almost Cut My Hair (ABB David Crosby Graham Nash Phil Lesh Danny Louis keyboard)
Shakedown Street (Phil Lesh Danny Louis keyboard)
Sugaree (Phil Lesh Danny Louis Keyboard)
Franklins Tower (Phil Lesh Danny Louis keyboard)
Whipping Post (Natalie Cole vocals)

Midnight Rider (With All Guests)Devon Allman
Will The Circle Be Unbroken (With All Guests) Devon Allman Billy Gibbons

Ed. Note:  This show was incredible. Mindblowing.  Beautiful Guitar Heaven.  I am so grateful.  Blessed.


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