Nigel Hall & Alecia Chakour, Rockwood Music Hall 2.13.12

photo by: View Skewed

The Royal Family warms up a random February Monday Evening

Jazzy, harmonic sexy duets in honor of St. Valentine, warmed the crowd’s bodies and souls for one hour on a cold Monday evening.

Nigel Hall, keyboards, and Alecia Chakour, vocals, both from the Warren Haynes Band sang a sexy little set in honor of St. Valentine’s, with nine love songs which spanned the spectrum from fusion jazz to rhythm & blues, song by song.  The room was intimate, the stage was intimate and the vibe was laid back.  By the last song, people were dancing, and everyone was smiling.  We became a very happy room.

photo by: View Skewed

My favorite song was Lauryn Hill’s Nothing Even Matters, … the sweet, happy banter between these two… so nice.  Now, just because I’m calling it sweet does not mean that it’s soft.  No, both Hall and Chakour have powerful, soulful voices that kinda swirl around each other in harmonies, making it hard to not sway, smile and be….happy.

Members of The Royal Family Records were the backup band members with Adam Deitch, drums, and Adam “Schmeeans” Smirnoff, guitar, from Lettuce.  Eric Krasno, (Soulive, Lettuce, Chapter 2) came eventually replacing Chakour’s brother, Alex on bass.  Alex Chakour played most of the set, with Krasno playing the last song.

I wonder if this could be the warmup to the Brooklyn Bowl’s  Bowlive.


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