New Orleans in NYC: Galactic, Steel Pulse w/ Soul Rebels Brass Band, 2.25.12 Terminal 5

Pre-show: There was no real pre-show. It was freezing and windy, and my personal pre-show consisted of waiting outside for my friend to show up. I saw other friends pass by as they walked into Terminal 5, but no one stopped to chat for more than a few seconds. It was cold, a typical February evening, cold and breathtakingly windy.

Pre-show II: We walked into the venue and the space was open. Soul Rebels Brass Band had finished their set, and we were waiting for Steel Pulse to join the stage. Walking up the stairs to find the smoking area, we realized that the third floor was not packed, and there were sofas and sitting areas up there, in the dark, perfect places to dance and get down while not being too cramped or too in the way. Just the way I like it. Needless to say, that is where we could be found the rest of the evening.

Soul Rebels Brass Band Set List: Living For the City, Turn It Up, My Time, I Made It, Night People, Sweet Dreams

photo by: Jen Bernstein

Steel Pulse: They took the stage and jammed their reggae rock-a-licious tunes throughout the venue. Their famous “Steppin’ Out” tune belted from the stage, and I felt the place amp up a few notches in preparation for the third band to hit the stage. I have no set lists at this time, but I can say that Steel Pulse brought it hard to T5, and everyone was dancing with huge smiles on their face. I as well danced my little jig, shaking all the winter cobwebs off my hips, grateful to be surrounded by great people, great friends, but most of all, great music.

Set Break: Bar run, check. Smoke break, check. Bathroom break, check. Ready for Galactic.

Galactic: These guys always bring it. Stanton Moore on drums (see above video) sets the pace for a 100mph in your face blasting New Orleans funk. They never disappoint. This night they brought out Corey Glover (In Living Colour) on vocals and Corey Henry (Rebirth Brass Band) on trombone, and the Soul Rebels Brass Band on stage at various times. Swear to G-d, no joke – it was full on horns explosion-mania on stage.

Galactic released a new CD “Carnivale Electricos” and we were treated to a few new songs from the album. I am still not sure what I thought, I guess I’m going to have to listen to the full CD today, but I did like the new sound. I did dance, and tried to hear the lyrics, but have to admit – T5’s sound system is not the best in the city, and it is so overtly loud that it gets garbled.

Highlights: Hey Na Na, Boe Money, a delicious dirty cover of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir which crushed us all. Stanton’s crazy amazing drum solo that literally transported me back to the Jam Cruise’s pool deck set, and the horns – ah all the horns on the stage belting loud and long, as if to say – NYC, Nola’s in the house and we are warming you all with some Louisana warmth. I was grateful, we all were grateful.

Galactic Set List: Cineramascope, Hey Na Na, Out in the Street, I Don’t Know What…Funky, You Don’t Know, Karate, Boe Money, Bongo Joe, Fatal Destruction to Your Mind, Ha Di Ka, Keep Steppin’, Kashmir, Carnival Time, Heart of Steel E: Ash Wed Sunrise, Cult of Personality

Thank you @SoulRebelsNo and @JRHevron for the set lists and Jen Bernstein for photos. Greatly appreciate your help! Thank you to the artists who heated up the chilly evening, and for warming me up for this year’s Soulive/Bowlive extravaganza. Who’s ready?!?!



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