Aaron Neville – My True Story, PBS Taping Concert, Brooklyn Bowl


We walked into the Brooklyn Bowl where there were large signs stating that tonight’s concert was being taped and by being there we could be on TV.

The Concert lasted about 2 hours and 30 minutes, and Aaron Neville sang many doo-wop songs.  From what we learned on Wednesday, Neville can do doo-wop.  Well.  Really well.

This concert was the actual live filming for Aaron Neville’s upcoming PBS special, produced by Keith Richards and Don Was.  This show also promoted his upcoming Doo-wop album coming out in January.  If it is any indication of what I saw on Wednesday, I can’t wait to purchase it.

Neville singing, known for his sweet harmonic voice, shouldn’t have been a surprise when he was harmonizing with Joan Osborne, or Paul Simon.  But it was.  The specialness of being at such an intimate setting as The Brooklyn Bowl with two incredible icons like Neville and Simon.  It gives me goosebumps as I write this.


Mr. Neville looked sharp up there, in his suit, with his brother Charles next to him on sax, and a plethora of talent behind him.  The formality of the show was not lost on me. Joan Osborne looked like she was in awe of Mr. Neville as she dueted with him.  Paul Simon and Neville sat on stools, both dressed with fedoras as they played an acoustic We Belong Together, an old Ritchie Valens song.

Even though the house lights were on the whole time, and the crowd itself was an odd mix of NOLA fans, and Doo-Wop fans, it was still one of the most special shows I’ve seen all year.  The intimacy of a packed Brooklyn Bowl was also juxtaposed against the all kinds of aged crowd, and the immense amount of talent on the stage… it was, for me, overwhelmingly mind-blowing.  At times, it brought me back to this year’s NOLA Jazz Fest, my first Jazz Fest, and the tears that streamed down my face when Neville sang Amazing Grace, the last song at the Fairgrounds.

Neville played some favorites too, like a hair raising Hercules, ending the set with his , Tell It Like It Is.  @WebVixenNYC grabbed a set list – grateful for your set list snag!


The band members on the stage behind Neville were, Greg Leisz on guitar, (Sheryl Crow, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams), George G. Receli on drums (Bob Dylan, James Brown), Tony Scherr on bass (Bill Frisell, Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright), brother Charles Neville on saxophone (Neville Brothers). Also featuring Michael Goods on organ/piano and Joel Katz, David Johnson and Earl Smith, Jr. on background vocals. Special guests including Eugene Pitt of the Jive Five (who co-wrote the album’s title song), and Dickie Harmon from the Del-Vikings, Joan Osborne and Paul Simon.

Again… goosebumps all over my body.  Thank you, Mr. Neville… thank you.


3 thoughts on “Aaron Neville – My True Story, PBS Taping Concert, Brooklyn Bowl

  1. Why on earth reference “We Belong Together” as an old Richie Valens song? The theme of the show being doo wop, why would you not credit the original version, by Robert & Johhny?
    Otherwise, a good review, and I’m anxious to hear the album.

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